Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ted Bundy essays

Ted Bundy essays At the age of twenty-two, Eleanor Louise Cowell gave birth to her son, Theodore Robert Cowell. Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, and his childhood was anything but ordinary. From the day he was born, Bundy had to face criticism and lies from both society and his relatives. The criticism came because of the fact that Ted was an illegitimate child born into a Methodist family. Shortly after Teds birth, he and his mother moved into his grandparents house. While living there, Ted was told that his mother was actually his older sister and that his grandparents were really his birth parents. After four years of living with his grandparents, Teds mother decided to move to Tacoma, Washington. Unwilling to leave his grandfather, later to be the only man Ted ever looked up to, Ted was forced to go with his mother. After being in Washington for only a year, Teds mother married an army cook named Johnnie Culpepper Bundy, whose last name Ted would take on for the rest of his life. Bundys torment would continue throughout his school years as well. As a child, Ted was extremely shy and was often teased by other kids in junior high school. It is thought that because of the constant humiliation, Ted often lost his temper. According to True Crimes: Serial Killers, Teds temper became such a problem that teachers sent notes home warning that he needed to learn to control his temper, because at times it could explode with frightening ferocity (11). Fighting through this problem, Ted was still able to earn high grades, which he continued to receive throughout high school as well. After junior high, the teasing stopped and Ted was thought of as being well dressed and exceptionally well mannered. Despite this fact, Bundy never had a girlfriend in high school, because he was more interested in skiing and politics. Bundys life took another sharp turn after entering colle...

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