Friday, January 31, 2020

Marks & Spencer Essay Example for Free

Marks Spencer Essay Marks Spencer, a British retailer of clothing, food, home ware and financial services was started in 1884, when Michael Marks (a Russian-born Polish refugee) opened a stall at Leeds Kirkgate Market. Today Marks Spencer’s presence can be found in more than 40 countries across the world. A customer can easily shop for both food and clothes at most of the outlets in the UK. Other than that Marks Spencer’s also carries lines of 1) Identify and explain the different customer needs of which the three MS clothing ranges aimed to serve? Assume that the Perfect and Classic ranges serve essentially the same customer segment. One product which will always sell regardless of the world’s economic situation is clothes. Clothes are one of the most important requirements and wants for a person at the same time. You need to be clothed but at the same time you want to make a statement through your clothes of your beliefs, personality and moods. Clothes like pictures can say a whole lot more about a person and leave a long first impression as its the first thing you notice. Marks Spencer’s understands this about people and has made itself one the most well known brands in the world with a reputation to go with the name. The reputation build up is because Mark’s Spencer’s make it a point to provide to the needs and expectations of all its customers, who have a diverse taste and preference. There is something available for everyone. Let’s take three of Marks Spencer’s lines and identify the different needs each line aimed to satisfy. The first line is ‘The Perfect Collection’ and ‘The Classic Collection’. This line aims to facilitate those customers who are looking for something trendy of quality at a reasonable tag price. This customer lives a very hectic life, therefore wants it all, ease, quality and value packaged into one. This customer could be profiled as a woman aged 22-30, as she’s attending school, working and looking after domestic responsibilities; she wants to look good in something that is hassle-free as well as reasonably priced. The next line we’ll look at is ‘The Autograph’, this line aims to reach out those women who are looking for style, comfort and are willing to pay a little extra for it. The line aimed to provide to a niche of sorts. This line provided to its wearers elegance and the ability to stand out as a limited number of items are available in the market and that too only at certain outlets. It lets these women feel special and provides the environment of a boutique. As this line is made by a range of designers, it is nothing less than designer wear. This woman is the business executive who recognizes the truth in the fact that clothes make a man or in this case a woman. They want their clothes to spell out powerful, independent, elegant and unique all at the same time, which they do. As they know of the benefits in dressing well they don’t mind paying the little extra. For these women expenditure on their clothes will bring them ROI at the end of the working day. Their professionalism is visible through what they wear. The third line that we will examine is ‘per una’. This range was designed by, George Davies as a sub-brand for Marks Spencer for the fashion conscious woman and available in the sizes 8-18. This line is for the woman who is a little on the healthy side and knows that but at the same time wants to look good and keep up with the latest styles. This line is also a little less pricey making it accessible for these women to look good and do so at a budget. This woman would be a mother/ house wife belonging to the SEC C, D range. She’s not well off but she’s proud of her sense of style and wants to show it to the world.

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